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Premiere Reprendre Son Souffle Figurentheaterfestival Erlangen, 2009.

Concept: Julika Mayer
Players: Julika Mayer, Florian Feisel, Simon Delattre, Antje Töpfer, Renaud Herbin, Samira Lehmann and others
Puppets: Paulo Duarte and Arnaud Lousky Pane
Sound: Morgan Daguenet or Fabien Bossard (version with DJ)
Duration: 30 min - 60 min

This side specific performance is based on improvisation in public space with puppets and sound.
The performance reflects 10 years of collecting interview-material while travelling and working with the puppets in differents contextes around the world.

The performance infilters performers and puppets in situ and interacts with the population.
The process consists in meeting and recording old women. A soundpiece will be created live during the performance and will be sent in headphones distributed to the public.

The performance takes place in public space .
Trained performers are mixed with local artistes which will meet the puppets one day before the show.

The project slides in the territory on differents levels:
artistic and social and intimate and gets nurrished /its inspiration from the specific context of the place , country and language.

the piece plays with the architecture of the specifique space or landscape.
the old ladies will live with teh population a short moment of everyday life.
putting it in another perspective / point of vue.
without knowing the spectateurs passing by becomes an acteur of the piece.

the unexpected confrontation provokes encounter of artistes, population and urban sapce.

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